Gossip 0.10

Gossip Roster

I managed to finally get Gossip 0.10 out!

I vowed to Kris I would do releases more often, for one thing, people kept telling my about bugs fixed over a month ago. So from now on, I will try to release monthly on average.

Everything was pretty smooth except for the first crash in a long time from Evolution (which is why I sent the mail announcement twice).

Update: The announcement with a list of changes can be found here: http://lists.imendio.com/pipermail/gossip-dev/2006-February/008508.html

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  1. acidborg says:

    what are the changes on this new version?

  2. Is there a logical reason why the mailinglist archives have not been updated since November 2005, in addition to a request for the changelog for 0.10.

    I’m interested in figuring out what’s causing:

  3. Martyn Russell says:

    I have updated my blog to have the announcement link, the Gossip mailing list was borked at the time – it is fixed now 🙂

  4. Brian Pepple says:

    Martyn, While building the packages for Fedora I noticed that 0.10 should depend on gtk-2.8, instead of gtk-2.6. In gossip-new-account-window.c your using an icon (GTK_STOCK_INFO) that is only in gtk >= 2.8. It’s easy enough to patch to use with 2.6, just change GTK_STOCK_INFO to GTK_STOCK_DIALOG_INFO, and it should compile with gtk-2.6. You’ll probably want to change configure.ac for future releases, though.

  5. Gabe says:

    Could you please make the button bar flush with the menu bar and the contact list? The huge vertical margins are really ugly.

    In fact, looking at the screenshot more closely, I notice a lot of margins that should probably be reduced or eliminated. The left and right edges of the contactlist, button bar, scrollbar and status combobox are not flush with the edges of the window, so they don’t line up with the edges of the menu bar. The right edge of the status combo is indented even more!

    I know I’m splitting hairs, but this looks clunky and unpolished to me. One of my co-workers noticed immediately as well, and a couple of others have been annoyed about it since I pointed it out (haha). Would it be too much to ask to get this adjusted?

  6. Martyn Russell says:


    Unfortunately we are using GnomeApp for the menu and main window and I think that has a large part to play with the uglyness. If not, then it is my theme.

    I did try this with NO border on the main vbox (which only separates the roster from the account toolbar and presence combo box) and it looked worse in my opinion:


    I agree though, it could be better.

    We would like to port Gossip to Windows at some point, and if we do, we will be loosing the GnomeApp there I would imagine.

  7. Martyn Russell says:


    What would I do without you 🙂

    Thanks for all your patches over the months. Yes I have started using GTK_STOCK_INFO and GTK_STOCK_INFO_DIALOG, since I like one icon over another on Ubuntu and I really shouldn’t do that. I will submit a bug about it when I can – unless you would like to do that for me 😉

    I will have it fixed in the next release, which shouldn’t be too far away since I will be doing them more regularly!

    Thanks for spotting this one.

  8. Martyn Russell says:


    I tried it with a GtkWindow instead of a GnomeApp and it looks much better:


  9. I can’t wait to get my hands on this, as soon as Brian’ rpms hits Extras I’ll be testing.

    However I noticed one thing in the Changelog, a few weeks ago I updated the Danish translations, and while l10n-status says I’m at 100%, it isn’t mentioned in the changelog. Don’t tell me I fucked it up, that would be unbareable.

  10. Brian Pepple says:

    David, the FC4 & FC5 packages just got pushed out about an hour ago, and should be hitting the mirrors in a little bit.

    Regarding the Danish translation, the last change I see for it in the Changelog is back in 2004.

  11. Martyn Russell says:


    Yes, the translators mentioned in the release note are collated from the po/ChangeLog and it is always the last translator for that language. Also, if you haven’t changed anything since 0.9 was tagged in CVS, it won’t get picked up my the script I use.

  12. I had been holding out on Gossip for a year, and finally gave in a made the switch to Gajim this last month.

    And now you release? :-p

  13. Gabe says:

    Martyn, the GtkWindow version looks much nicer. I do think it needs some space between the combobox and roster, but otherwise very pleasant on the eyes!

    Thanks for a great client.