Gossip Development

A lot has been happening recently in Gossip.


We added a new branch specifically for Telepathy work called ‘TELEPATHY’ recently and Eitan has been working on that when he can. Xavier Claessens has been working with him at times too which has been great. Now that you can install Telepathy on Edgy using apt because it has been packaged up finally it makes it much easier for others to test.

Release 0.16

I released 0.16 yesterday and it is the last release we will be doing with pre GTK+ 2.10 support. This release has some cool fixes, of which, mostly was done by Xavier Claessens who has had so much time on his hands, I have found it difficult to keep up with the patches he is sending me. This is good of course and I hope it continues with the Telepathy work he is doing too. Some of the other work Xavier has done for us includes retrieving the VCard name details so you can revert from your alias for a contact to the _their_ choosen name. There is more work here to be done here, (like adding a preference to choose if you want to use the vcard or your alias). I have included a screenshot of how it currently looks, good work, thanks Xavier!

Since we have released, I thought I would try some of the coolness that GTK+ 2.10 has to offer, more specifically, the “show-expanders” property in the GtkTreeView that Kris worked on. The end result is below.

Xavier has also written a patch to switch us over to use GtkStatusIcon instead of EggTrayIcon which should land in CVS soon.