FOSDEM & GTK+ Maintenance


FOSDEM was a hoot this year. I didn’t get a chance to see many talks but I did get a chance to meet people I haven’t met before like Xavier Claessens who is writing the Telepathy backend for Gossip and Nat Friedman who was also experiencing his first time at FOSDEM. It was good to see Nat and find out what he is up to since things have been quiet there for a while. I also met up with Ralph Meijer.

GTK+ Maintenance

I attended the GTK+ talk which was interesting. I don’t think people are really aware of the problems we are having with GTK+ at the moment with the lack of resources to keep things ticking along.


Also discussed was GTK+ 3.0 and if we should break API/ABI compatibility to clean up the code and remove deprecated cruft. I agree that we should do this since I believe it makes maintaining the project easier. This can also be done in stages to cause less interruption to users.