Gossip without Telepathy

For a while now we have had Telepathy support in Gossip based on the work that Xavier Claessens, Eitan Isaacson, Raphael Slinckx and Sjoerd Simons submitted. Recently Xavier decided to start his own project called Empathy using the Gossip user interface and as a direct result, we now have no one maintaining the Telepathy backend in Gossip.

The OTHER problem we have with Gossip at the moment is that it is not fun to hack on. I don’t think it is directly the result of integrating Telepathy into Gossip and I am not saying that Telepathy is the reason it is not fun to hack on, I think the same problem would exist had libgaim materialised and we were able to use that instead.

To summarise, the problem is really insufficient man power and the complexity of supporting multiple protocols.

Recently, Micke, Richard and I decided to remove the Telepathy integration completely and become a Jabber ONLY client. By doing this, we can focus on smaller, nicer and more useful features than just supporting another protocol.