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  1. Fabian says:

    Nice news.
    I love it seeing F/LOSS companies popping up in europe.

  2. Alberto Ruiz says:

    Hey Martyn!

    I’m quite happy that you guys are still together and around, keep rocking!!!

    I’m pretty sure you can keep doing an excellent job.

  3. Peteris Krisjanis says:

    This one got me confused – so Imendio AB is a bust and Lanedo took over projects and contracts? It’s that right? 🙂

  4. mr says:

    Simply put, the owners of Imendio have decided to discontinue their current work and a new company was formed to continue that work with the same employees as before 🙂

  5. Dave Neary says:

    Did you guys have to buy the business? Why not just do a buy-out of Imendio?


  6. mr says:

    Hi Dave, there are a multitude of reasons why this didn’t happen, it was simpler and much easier for everyone involved to just start a new company. As far as the business is concerned, we are doing the same thing just in a new company with different owners 🙂