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  1. Sandy says:

    Congrats on the new release, but I must ask, why not just use GNOME’s deskbar applet?

  2. Alex Launi says:

    When do a search and the search doesn’t match the title of the file, you should show some context around why the result matched the query.

  3. Frej says:

    Fantastic! native tracker-search-bar :)… i’ll se if I can fix a patch for gnome-shell to use it, the current search bar is quite bad 🙂 (busy with uni for the next few weeks).

  4. Wouldn’t it better to focus on bar corner? It’s hard to see anything.

  5. mr says:

    Sandy: Because we wanted to show case our technology without depending on another. We used to support Deskbar, it needs a bit of work to get it going with the API changes, but it should be doable.

  6. mr says:

    Alex: There are some teething problems here, we are fixing some of the “entities” which are indexed to make this better. We plan on releasing again this Friday with some immediate changes we noticed after 0.7.0 was out the door.

  7. mr says:

    Frej: Woa, that sounds great. It would rock to see that. Please blog or mail the tracker list when you do this so we can see what progress you make – any problems, drop us a line.

  8. mr says:

    Maciej: Well, it is just some applet we created in 2 days. We could make it into more, I would appreciate suggestions you have to the tracker mailing list. Could you do that?