Tracker + Totem

Bastien has been complaining that the Tracker plugin for Totem doesn’t work any more since 0.6. So I decided to see how quickly I could update it today. All in all, it only took me a few hours and here it is. You will have to excuse the crappy file naming and video tests I have to play with – normal users probably title these a bit better I think 🙂

On another note, we released 0.7.1 on Friday gone with some really nice fixes since the first release. We plan on doing another release this Friday too.

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  1. Vanya says:

    Would it be possible to show all indexed videos by default, sorta like Rhythmbox shows all music until you type in a filter?

    To be able to browse as well as search would be even more wonderful.

  2. mr says:

    Vanya: Yes. In fact, it should also really update in real time as the user types 🙂

  3. pt says:

    Please don’t follow Vanya’ suggestion a movie player should be fast be fast and responsive

  4. mr says:

    Actually, it is fast, REALLY fast. It is also an asynchronous search so the UI won’t be unresponsive.