Tracker 0.7.20 Released

Managed to get 0.7.20 out of the door. Not long now before we start 0.8 releases. I want to start doing this within the next few weeks if possible.

Tracker is looking great right now though. The core team has been exemplary in recent weeks.

Roll on 0.8 🙂

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  1. pvanhoof says:

    Our baby is becoming an adult …

  2. All this Tracker 0.7 news really makes me want to test this baby. Is there a plan to setup a PPA or otherwise encourage testing and getting the technology into the hands of developers easily.. life sadly is to short for me to use GCC as a screensaver for all the new neat tech.

  3. Michael says:

    Wow… a .20 release. You guys seem to have been busy in the last 6 month 🙂

    However, I also wonder about packages. This stuff has not yet hit even Rawhide so your user base (on the desktop, at least) still seems to be very very small… I really hope changing the version number to 0.8 will help to push this stuff into distributions

  4. mr says:

    @David, I think Ubuntu has some PPA for this. If you join #tracker on irc. you can probably find out the details from the guys in there. I can’t remember off hand.

  5. Dan says:

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