Tracker Release Candidate 1

Today we released 0.7.28. We are considering this our last unstable release for 0.7 before we do 0.8. So long as there are no major regressions, this time next week, we hope to have our first stable release with the super shiny stuff we have been working on for over 6 months.

Using tracker-sparql
Recently I added support to list classes which we notify of changes in the database. This is generally quite useful and a common question on IRC:

$ tracker-sparql --list-notifies
Notifies: 23

Similarly, I often found myself checking patches and the ontologies used in those patches, so I added a command line switch to search the ontology and to make this generally easier for developers and maintainers:

$ tracker-sparql --search text
Classes: 4
Properties: 5

Using tracker-search
The tracker-search command is really one of the most powerful commands we ship in Tracker. It doesn’t do any more than tracker-sparql, in fact, it uses the same API as tracker-sparql does through libtracker-client. It is really just a convenience tool for those not wanting to have to type the same query into tracker-sparql all the time. You can search for videos, music, music artists, music albums, images, documents, files and folders. It also allows searching in all of those categories (if none are provided on the command line). Recently I fixed a bug which was reported because we returned results for media that was not mounted. So now we show only results which exist and have an –all option.

$ tracker-search --documents sliff
Files: 3
  file:///home/martyn/Tests/TrackerTestData/sloff.txt (urn:uuid:408d5272-26e2-d8f5-e2f3-f323fb9874bc)
  file:///home/martyn/Documents/Gobby/Discussion-Architecture (urn:uuid:58c29f03-4408-1ca4-d909-c02a6a81810d)
  file:///home/martyn/Documents/Reports/bar.txt (urn:uuid:dcc74bdb-a556-e2d6-d5ce-35ea3000a355)

There have been some seriously good performance increases recently and we have only just started looking into performance and bug fixing. Until recently, we have mostly been adding features.

People are eager to use Tracker and it is great to see Ubuntu PPA packages showing up. There are also RPMs from Debarshi Ray

So, the Roadmap is mostly done. Next week we will add a few final things internally and we should be about ready.

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  2. Next time you can add that it is also available on gentoo:

    (currently blocked at 0.7.24 because I haven’t been able to build following releases due to the eds header bug).