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  1. flo says:

    Bravo !

  2. Joel says:

    Nice, is the kernel support here yet (some other notification system, that doesn’t have a limited number of watches), so that we can actually start using it? This is one thing that’s really missing on the linux desktop atm.

  3. zekopeko says:

    Nice try! It’s April Fool’s!

    Now for real. When is Tracker 0.8 going to be released?

  4. Yoburtu says:

    Hello, Do you known why in Ubuntu 9.10 don’t include tracker in basic installation?. I don’t understand this. Greetings.

  5. mr says:

    I thought some people might think that… we did consider making a joke about its delay and releasing later in the day but didn’t get around to it 🙂