Tracker Needle

What is it?
In short it is a replacement for tracker-search-tool. I know the name is a tad lame, but I used that for lack of a better alternative at this point.

We have quite a few people asking for things which are simply not available in tracker-search-tool and I wanted a good excuse to learn Vala. So, tracker-needle was born out of my desire to learn Vala.

Currently, it lives in a branch on GNOME’s Tracker GIT repository. I am hoping we can merge this to master before we start doing stable releases (which is going to be quite soon).

What next?
Well, right now, it is fairly basic and I plan to add more polish and more “views”. I have in mind to add some sort of photo/icon view for images only and perhaps also some sort of category chooser type view. Possibly some way of displaying and setting tags nicely would be good too. Any ideas appreciated. Note, the idea here isn’t to replace Nautilus or Zeitgeist, this is purely a tool for users to try Tracker with and use occasionally. Ultimately many of the Tracker team believe Tracker should be integrated with applications, not a separate application to search and I tend to agree.

Eye candy for anyone interested 🙂

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  1. Alex says:

    I can’t see a Flattr button… 🙂

  2. Lorenzo says:

    Good Job! Plans to include the possibility to see the context of the search results? (For example: dog as a search term: 5 mails where you can see the term “dog” in the mail bodies and 3 docs as well wih the same behaviour – it’s what you can get actually with google desktop search for linux to be much clearer)

  3. Martyn rocks hard. And I also wanna that flattr button.

  4. mr says:

    Tshepang: thanks 🙂

    Lorenzo: We have plans to add fts:snippet support but it is difficult to do properly and needs some serious thought. For now it exists in SPARQL but doesn’t actually work. I too would love to have this sort of thing added back into the UI somehow.

  5. Kevin says:

    Looks good. If we end up with an interface similar to the one shown at the following URL that would be awesome:

  6. Lorenzo says:

    @mr that’s ok. My concern with tracker has always been the lack of that feature…if the user cannot see a “preview” is forced to open all the relevant files with a relevant waste of time.

  7. Not a bad read, I have retweeted it on twitter for you 🙂 No need to thank me!