Tracker Needle Update

What is it? Why? Where?
These questions were all covered in my previous blog about tracker-needle.

What’s changed
Well, a number of small changes have been going on based on user requests and making sure all the tracker-search-tool old features are covered. Specifically:

  • History is saved using a nice new editable combo box
  • Tags can now be seen (though that’s about it for now, more work is needed here)
  • A progress spinner has been added when queries take longer than the user might expect
  • Support for Emails has been added

You can see all these new features in the latest video:

What’s next?
I would love to get tags working better, allowing adding/removing and searching by them. Generally, searching by tags isn’t hard, what is hard is making the search categories include tags and identifying them with files. It can be done, but doing it in a fast way is not quite so trivial. I already have a patch I am working on for this.

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  1. Is it too early to give feedback? Should I go test it hard 🙂

  2. mr says:

    Tshepang: not at all 🙂 I want to merge this to master before Christmas!

  3. Hi,

    Needle looks prety slick and works good. What I’m missing though is the feature to specify a search command line together with the invocation of needle, like:
    tracker-needle games
    (this is for example used by the gnome-main-menu, which offers a search bar integration with tracker… with t-s-t this was working.

    Any chance? 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  4. mr says:

    Dominique: There is a bug about that –> I want to refine the patch a little, but it should be coming soon 😉

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