GTK+ website redesign finally finished!

I have blogged about this from the official GTK+ blog too, but I wanted to really say personally how happy I am that this is done now. Really great work from Devin Samarin especially with the gtk-doc integration which looks like an extension of the main website instead of a separately maintained project.

If anyone has any comments on how to improve the content, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, Devin Samarin or Javier Jardรณn (who also has been helping out on the website side more recently).

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  1. Robin says:

    Nice work!

    In the Accommodating section under features, there’s “Object orientated approach”. This should probably be “Object oriented approach”.

  2. mr says:

    Fixed, thanks for noticing Robin!

  3. sebn says:


    Titles are a bit small compared to normal text.

    On the language bindings page, there is a typo on Javascript.

    And you could add a link to ruby-gir-ffi for the ruby language:


  4. fabioamd87 says:

    what about “screenshot/the gnome desktop”? maybe should be gnome 3

  5. mr says:

    Sebn, The fonts look fine here, what browser are you using?

    About the Ruby language bindings, this looks like a separate project to the existing listed Ruby bindings. If so, can you tell me what level of support there is (i.e. full/partial for which versions)?

  6. mr says:

    Fabioamd87, You’re right, we need some screen shots of the new desktop. That’s also on the TODO list.

  7. Stefan Kost says:

    Hi martyn, somehow you deleted the latest gtk-doc releases with the html->php conversion. Luckily git has it all. only shows 1.15 while this commit 824395869eba82312682132742ab9a81817df052
    has 1.16 and 1.17. Could you please add them back?

  8. Stefan Kost says:

    Another comment – on the gtk-odc page I have a nice top-bar. On the normal gtk+ pages I have a weired 4-5 pixel high line on the top with some red, green and blue bits on the left. Looks like something went wrong, but I can’t tell what after a short visit in firebug yet. I am on ff-4.0.1

  9. mr says:

    Stefan, thanks for noticing – this is partly my fault, the old and new websites were quite different and it was hard to keep up with all changes during the review period. Everything should be in place now. Thanks again.

  10. mr says:

    Stefan, do you mean the wispy red/green/blue vertical curves on the left hand side? That’s part of the design if so and should be on all pages. Using chrome and ff 4.0.1 here, I don’t see anything wrong?

  11. Stefan Kost says:

    Yes, I meant those. Please take no offense, but it looked like unintended to me ๐Ÿ™

  12. mr says:

    Stefan, ah ๐Ÿ™‚ no problem, it was Devin’s idea – I quite like it.