Tracker Needle with improved tagging

Given there have been a number of improvements to tracker-needle recently, I thought I would make a video to highlight some of them. A quick summary:

  • Searching for “foo” now finds files tagged with “foo”
  • Searches are limited to 500 items per category/query (to avoid abusing the GtkTreeView mainly)
  • A tag list is now available to show all hits by tags
  • Tags can be edited by the context menu per item (planned to be improved later)

Really nice to have tagging supported properly in tracker-needle now.

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  1. Thomasjohansen says:

    Its a very interesting project which I follow very closely.

    But integration with nautilus should be the goal?

    Are you working on a nautilus tracker extension?
    I think there was one for gnome 2 but doesnt work for 3.2.

  2. Martyn Russell says:

    @Thomasjohansen: Hi, yes, we do have integration to some extent with Nautilus and it does work for GNOME 3.2 too.

    The tracker-needle app is really just to demonstrate Tracker’s abilities. We should integrate more into Nautilus I agree.