Lanedo is hiring!

We at Lanedo are currently looking at hiring people with development experience around GNOME, GTK+, X11 and related technologies. We are also looking for people with project management experience in this area.

If you have this and are interested in working for us, please send your CV to info at


So this week, as Tim already blogged, we were at OSiM in Amsterdam. It was great to see how the mobile market is getting involved in open source and to meeting some really interesting people there. It was also good to see friends there from Collabora, Codethink, Igalia and Intel.

Lanedo sponsors GNOME at LinuxTag

Lanedo has only been running since January and we have been lucky enough to be able to sponsor the conferences we usually attend this year.

So far, these include the Desktop summit and Linuxtag and we are also looking into sponsoring FSCONS later in the year. For LinuxTag we are sponsoring by sending Tim and Sven and by donating to the cause.

This year as usual, Sven will be propping up the GNOME booth for us, so if you are in that vicinity, don’t forget to come by and say hello!

Imendians, Stockholm and Nokia 770’s

WOW: Things have just been racing ahead so fast this year.

The Imendians are such a cool bunch!

I just got back from Stockholm where the Imendians got together for a conference. Amongst all this we got to do some fishing (which was a first for many of us) and I caught my first fish too. All in all a Superb experience!

I received my Nokia 770 this morning from the random selection at GUADEC. It is very cool and I can’t stop using it (neither can Sue stop using it for Ebay!).