Live8 – So this was MASSIVE. I saw a lot of it on TV yesterday and in particular thought that the Pink Floyd’s performance was awesome, especially since they have not been together for the last 24 odd years!

My partner Sue had tickets to go and I opted out because my best mate was in town from Scotland. Kind of wished I had arranged it another weekend now. We didn’t plan the tickets, we were given them last minute!

I didn’t realise how big the whole Live8 deal was until I watched in on BBC1 and realised how many countries were involved.

If you support the cause, show your support here and add your name to the millions. I think the target is atleast 1 billion names.

Weddings & Chelsea flower show

Nokia Work – Great news about the Nokia 770 work. I hope to be in it to win it since Tim says they are raffling a few off at GUADEC.

Weddings – There are a lot of weddings happening at the moment. Went to one of Sue’s old work colleague’s wedding, a couple of week-ends back, and this week-end gone was the wedding for one of Sue’s brides maids to be. Soon it will be our wedding!

Chelsea flower show

Tomorrow Sue and I are going down to London to see the Chelsea flower show. Looking forward to it since I found a new interest in botanic photography in New Zealand.

Taking about New Zealand, Jakub seems to have similar images in his gallery – a couple of times: his/mine and his/mine.

After all that – on to GUADEC 🙂

GUADEC & New Zealand Photos

Images: Ah… the memories, I had a chance to put my New Zealand images up tonight:

I agree with Glynn, New Zealand is a comfortable place to be. If I had to move anywhere, NZ would be my first choice.

GUADEC: Well I am a GUADEC virgin and this year will be my debut visit. Flights are booked and I believe there is a botanical garden that might be worth a visit in Stuttgart too.

Back from New Zealand

Well, I just returned from New Zealand after backpacking the best part of a fantastic four weeks there.

I have over 400 digital images to sort through and some video. These include a bungy DVD, skydive images, jet boat images and the Auckland sky tower jump images. 😀

Highlights include the Singapore botanic gardens (which I saw on transit out there – 24hrs stop over) and the bungy/skydive.

Whilst in Singapore I had to try the Singapore Slinger (famous cocktail) and whilst in the courtyard at Raffles Hotel drinking it, Bill Clinton happened to pass through :O

The only shitty parts were the flights. Coming home was about 3hrs from Auckland to Sydney, 9hrs from Sydney to Bangkok and 12hrs from Bangkok to Heathrow – that much plane food can’t be good for you 🙁

All in all it rocked and I definitely recommend New Zealand!