GTK+ website redesign finally finished!

I have blogged about this from the official GTK+ blog too, but I wanted to really say personally how happy I am that this is done now. Really great work from Devin Samarin especially with the gtk-doc integration which looks like an extension of the main website instead of a separately maintained project.

If anyone has any comments on how to improve the content, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, Devin Samarin or Javier Jardón (who also has been helping out on the website side more recently).


GTK+ has had support for Tracker for a while as a backend search engine used in the GtkFileChooser. At GUADEC this year, the Tracker team were asked to update the backend at the GTK+ team meeting. I found time this week to add support and push my changes to the tracker-with-libtracker-sparql branch.

For now, I have dropped support for all older versions of Tracker because it really is a mess to maintain and GTK+ 3.0 should really be using the latest and greatest APIs anyway. The other change I made was to support searching by filenames not the content of files. There is a #define in the .c file (FTS_MATCHING) which allows switching between using FTS (Full Text Search) and filenames (which are usually part of an FTS search anyway). For me, finding a file based on the name itself seems more intuitive for the GtkFileChooser and tends to yield results I am really looking for better than the FTS matching. In most cases, I don’t want to find a file based on some content when choosing a file. I would appreciate any comments on this.

A demonstration of the new functionality:

Lanedo Sponsoring GTK+ Hackfest

So today the GTK+ hackfest starts and continues on until Friday. Mitch and Carlos are there and have some Lanedo branded mugs to hand out during the week.

Additionally, Lanedo is sponsoring some of the dinners/drinks for the participants (at Mitch’s discretion) during the week! I am sure he will let the guys going know the what, when and where 🙂

Hope it goes well guys.

GTK+ blog & site improvements

Recently I set up a new blog for GTK+ to document releases and for people to blog about cool new things in GTK+. So far, there is just Andreas and myself on the blog. So if anyone else wants to be added just let me know your blog email account and I will set it up. If you have been missing the GTK+ project news, don’t forget, it can be see at, it is not shown on the regular

Andreas has been doing a great job chasing up some final issues on, mainly with regards to the language bindings. Andreas has now removed all bindings that have no support for 2.6 and above and all bindings which are supported by GNOME are illustrated nicely too. So, if your language binding isn’t listed there and you know it is supported, please let us know on the gtk-devel list so we can rectify the pages!

Finally, gets face lift!

I started working on the new design for last April and tonight the new pages were uploaded and we now have a spiffing new look which I am really happy with.

I want to thank Andreas Nilsson for helping out with the design and Tim Janik for help with the final touches in getting the pages installed, not to mention everyone who commented. revamp

FOSDEM & GTK+ Maintenance


FOSDEM was a hoot this year. I didn’t get a chance to see many talks but I did get a chance to meet people I haven’t met before like Xavier Claessens who is writing the Telepathy backend for Gossip and Nat Friedman who was also experiencing his first time at FOSDEM. It was good to see Nat and find out what he is up to since things have been quiet there for a while. I also met up with Ralph Meijer.

GTK+ Maintenance

I attended the GTK+ talk which was interesting. I don’t think people are really aware of the problems we are having with GTK+ at the moment with the lack of resources to keep things ticking along.


Also discussed was GTK+ 3.0 and if we should break API/ABI compatibility to clean up the code and remove deprecated cruft. I agree that we should do this since I believe it makes maintaining the project easier. This can also be done in stages to cause less interruption to users.

My Personal Hero

This week, the prize goes to Kris.

In Gossip we have been trying to get a flat look but with the expander enabled. This isn’t possible, even with GTK+ 2.10. So after speaking to Kris about it, he said the best way would be an Expander cell renderer. Kris also took the time today to actually write it for us.

So thanks Kris, great work, it looks superb!