Lanedo is hiring

We’re currently looking for anyone who has LibreOffice experience and is interested in working on the project. If that sounds like something you would like to do, get in touch with us.

Additionally, if you or anyone you know has experience running an open source business, please get in touch. We’re looking for someone that could facilitate a CEO type position.

Lanedo’s Charity Donations

We wanted to thank our customers and to give something back for all the work we had during 2010. So Lanedo decided to give to a chunk of its revenue to charity.

There were 6 charities chosen:

There were a number of reasons to choose these charities. For the King’s College Hopital, Ipswich Hopital and St. Elizabeth’s Hospice, the reasons were very close to my heart. During 2010, my father (Brian Russell) was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is something his father also suffers from (as do millions of men towards old age). Each of these hospitals have been instrumental in helping my dad beat the cancer and helping both family members with treatments. Additionally, St. Elizabeth’s Hospice has aided the late Alison Clarke who was my piano teacher until she too died of cancer not long ago.

Our world has seen much grief and disasters last year that caught our attention. To help mitigating and future development, half of our donations went to the wider public through Unicef, SOS Children’s Villages and the Red Cross.

We hadn’t announced this until now for a few reasons. One of which was that the new website was not finished and we didn’t have a NEWS page to announce it on either.

So again, thank you to everyone we worked with last year!

Lanedo Sponsoring GTK+ Hackfest

So today the GTK+ hackfest starts and continues on until Friday. Mitch and Carlos are there and have some Lanedo branded mugs to hand out during the week.

Additionally, Lanedo is sponsoring some of the dinners/drinks for the participants (at Mitch’s discretion) during the week! I am sure he will let the guys going know the what, when and where 🙂

Hope it goes well guys.

Lanedo going to FOSDEM

This year we are sending everyone in Lanedo over to Brussels for FOSDEM. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends. It has been a few years since I last made the trip.

Most of us will be there by Friday evening in time to attend the beer event. We hope to see you there, should be good fun!

Tracker + Totem

Bastien has been complaining that the Tracker plugin for Totem doesn’t work any more since 0.6. So I decided to see how quickly I could update it today. All in all, it only took me a few hours and here it is. You will have to excuse the crappy file naming and video tests I have to play with – normal users probably title these a bit better I think 🙂

On another note, we released 0.7.1 on Friday gone with some really nice fixes since the first release. We plan on doing another release this Friday too.