Maintainer 0.6

Over the past month or so I have had a few contributions to the maintainer python script I started writing a while back to help maintainers with the laborious tasks carried out during a release.

Lucas Rocha sent me a great patch for including the help manual translators to the release note generated.

Xavier Claessens is using the script for his Empathy releases and added support for getting the project website (and adding it to the release note) and making it possible to run the “install-module” script on

So thanks to both for their contributions!

I decided to add support for generating the email you send so all you have to do is literally click “Send”. It saves a lot of time and works quite nicely.

Try it out:

Maintainer Python Script 0.3

I have spent some time taking the feedback from people on my earlier post I have had today and putting it into the script. The main things that have updated are:

  • Provide a default plain text and HTML template for release notes.
  • Retrieving the description from Bugzilla for a product and using that in the release note (if the default template is used).
  • Add the md5sum of the tarballs in the release note.
  • For po/ChangeLog, accept the language updater’s name to be included in brackets so it isn’t always the commiter’s name used (same as ChangeLog).

I have also provided some information on the site about formatting to make sure the scripts work for you. Most of which people should be doing already.

You can get Maintainer 0.3 here

Maintainer Python Script

With all the releases of Gossip that I have been doing recently, I decided I wasn’t really happy with the current tools available to get translation updates and the whole process of getting bugs fixed and updating the NEWS file. Plus Tim had also mentioned that it was one of many things that take up so much time when releasing projects like GTK+. I can only imagine how long it must take Matthias each release.

So I started to write a tool to make life that little more easier. It is not finished, but it is a start. Some of the current features include:

  • Show updated translations
  • Show fixed bugs
  • Show a summary of bugs fixed and their description
  • Create a release note for sending out announcements

I have been using it with Gossip the last few releases and I have tested it with glib and gtk+ and it works OK – see what you think:

Go to the project page here.