Tracker 0.12.0 Released!

Given we (the tracker team) want to try to fit into the GNOME schedule for 3.2, we decided to bring the release of 0.12.0 ahead early. The roadmap is mostly complete anyway.

The official announcement can be seen here.

Thank you to everyone involved!

Recently I also updated the GtkSearchEngineTracker implementation to not use hacky dlopen() calls and to use DBus instead. This avoids us updating the work for each new version of Tracker that comes along too. The patch attached to the bug (658272) should be applied soon (given Matthias was pushing for this sooner rather than later). So, we’re all on track!

Tracker Release Candidate 1

Today we released 0.7.28. We are considering this our last unstable release for 0.7 before we do 0.8. So long as there are no major regressions, this time next week, we hope to have our first stable release with the super shiny stuff we have been working on for over 6 months.

Using tracker-sparql
Recently I added support to list classes which we notify of changes in the database. This is generally quite useful and a common question on IRC:

$ tracker-sparql --list-notifies
Notifies: 23
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Tracker 0.7.20 Released

Managed to get 0.7.20 out of the door. Not long now before we start 0.8 releases. I want to start doing this within the next few weeks if possible.

Tracker is looking great right now though. The core team has been exemplary in recent weeks.

Roll on 0.8 🙂

The calm before the storm

Baby Coming!

Sue is about to have our baby (expected date is the 18th of March), she really can’t wait for it to be born now and neither can I! Right now I am just trying to get as much sleep as possible in preparation 🙂
We don’t yet know if it is a boy or a girl so there is an added excitement after waiting 9 months not knowing. Sue thinks it is a boy, I think it is a girl.

Tracker Release

Yesterday I released Tracker 0.6.91, which follows the recent 0.6.90 release that we did after 12 months of solid development on the project. I say we, there is quite a huge team working on this project now, including Carlos Garnacho, Ivan Frade, Jürg Billeter, Philip Van Hoof, Mikael Ottela, Urho Konttori and many more. We have a preliminary roadmap (as mentioned here) for Tracker  too. This recent release and possibly one more will be the last before 0.7 which will include Jürg’s vstore branch (which we have been working on in parallel for months now). We also had a discussion about the current architecture of the project and decided to change some of the roles around regarding what the indexer and daemon currently do to make things more efficient. With this all in mind, I am expecting some seriously good fun on this project in the next 3 months.

Maintainer Python Script 0.3

I have spent some time taking the feedback from people on my earlier post I have had today and putting it into the script. The main things that have updated are:

  • Provide a default plain text and HTML template for release notes.
  • Retrieving the description from Bugzilla for a product and using that in the release note (if the default template is used).
  • Add the md5sum of the tarballs in the release note.
  • For po/ChangeLog, accept the language updater’s name to be included in brackets so it isn’t always the commiter’s name used (same as ChangeLog).

I have also provided some information on the site about formatting to make sure the scripts work for you. Most of which people should be doing already.

You can get Maintainer 0.3 here

Maintainer Python Script

With all the releases of Gossip that I have been doing recently, I decided I wasn’t really happy with the current tools available to get translation updates and the whole process of getting bugs fixed and updating the NEWS file. Plus Tim had also mentioned that it was one of many things that take up so much time when releasing projects like GTK+. I can only imagine how long it must take Matthias each release.

So I started to write a tool to make life that little more easier. It is not finished, but it is a start. Some of the current features include:

  • Show updated translations
  • Show fixed bugs
  • Show a summary of bugs fixed and their description
  • Create a release note for sending out announcements

I have been using it with Gossip the last few releases and I have tested it with glib and gtk+ and it works OK – see what you think:

Go to the project page here.

Gossip 0.10

Gossip Roster

I managed to finally get Gossip 0.10 out!

I vowed to Kris I would do releases more often, for one thing, people kept telling my about bugs fixed over a month ago. So from now on, I will try to release monthly on average.

Everything was pretty smooth except for the first crash in a long time from Evolution (which is why I sent the mail announcement twice).

Update: The announcement with a list of changes can be found here: