Lanedo Sponsoring GTK+ Hackfest

So today the GTK+ hackfest starts and continues on until Friday. Mitch and Carlos are there and have some Lanedo branded mugs to hand out during the week.

Additionally, Lanedo is sponsoring some of the dinners/drinks for the participants (at Mitch’s discretion) during the week! I am sure he will let the guys going know the what, when and where 🙂

Hope it goes well guys.

Lanedo sponsors GNOME at LinuxTag

Lanedo has only been running since January and we have been lucky enough to be able to sponsor the conferences we usually attend this year.

So far, these include the Desktop summit and Linuxtag and we are also looking into sponsoring FSCONS later in the year. For LinuxTag we are sponsoring by sending Tim and Sven and by donating to the cause.

This year as usual, Sven will be propping up the GNOME booth for us, so if you are in that vicinity, don’t forget to come by and say hello!