Running out of time for API freeze

I blogged
about some Metacity changes that resulted in newly
launched applications showing up behind other apps and without focus
when that shouldn’t happen (this is only in the unstable version, of
course). As stated in that blog entry, this is (most of the time) due
to a bug in other launchers. In particular, there is a gnome-desktop
about setting the “launch time” (startup TIMESTAMP) for an
application to 0.

As discussed in that bug, the solution seems to be to add a new
function to the API. So, I finally got some time and implemented
that. However,
API freeze
is tomorrow and I don’t know if Mark is going to be
able to review it in time (or if he’ll even notice it in time). So,
now I’m wondering…Does the API freeze occur at the end of the day,
or at the beginning of the day? And if Mark can’t review it in time,
then what do we do? That’s not a bug we really want to ship with…

Massive Bug Import

Bugzilla import for Bug-Buddy, unfortunately, had been broken for
months since the upgrade of Bugzilla. This meant there were around
1500 bug reports that had been filed with Bug-Buddy that weren’t
imported into bugzilla. Yesterday, as Fernando reported,
this was finally fixed, resulting in a massive import of bugs to
bugzilla. (Normally, with bug-buddy submissions there’s around 80 new
bugs per day, without bug-buddy submissions it’s closer to 50-60 or
so). This doesn’t show up on the Weekly
Bug Summary
, because the imported bugs were dated with the time of
their submission, so the number of “reports opened” doesn’t reflect
reality. When I came in to IRC this morning and read my backlog, I
got to find out what some people had thought about this. Needless to
say, a lot of maintainers were surprised at the influx…

I guess the good side to this is that people attacked (and are
attacking) these new bugs pretty well. The funny side to this is that
the closings of those reports do count for this
, so our numbers for closings of bugs look about as good as
they ever have (we closed more than twice as many as how many were
“opened” this week, wee!)

Of course, this would be a great time to join the bugsquad and
give us a hand, because we still have an awful lot of bugs to go
through. This would be a great way to show your appreciation to the
Gnome project and help it move forward. <marketing
mode=”newbie attempt”>Make your mark on history, join us
today! </marketing>