Metacity 2.15.3

Metacity 2.15.3 has been released (yesterday, I’m a bit late on the announcement), and will appear as part of the GNOME[1] 2.15.2 release scheduled for tomorrow. Not as many changes as other releases, but still a couple nice improvements:

  • various code cleanups (Søren)
  • prevent long titles from “sticking” in the tasklist (Elijah) [#330671]
  • handle sync counter notifications in the compositor (Søren)
  • notes/documentation updates (Elijah)
  • plug a small leak (Paolo Borelli)
  • remove a lot of dead code obsoleted by the new edge-resistance stuff (Björn) [#341561]
  • prevent a crash when changing resolution (jylefort FreeBSD org) [#340847]
  • revert an accessibility module loading workaround from GNOME 2.6 (since it has long since been fixed for us in gtk+) (Elijah) [#123372]

[1] Yeah, yeah, I know. Jeff emailed me off list after the recent (what I thought was just humorous) thread and I discovered that spelling, for whatever reason, was really important to him. While I don’t like this version as much and think it’s inevitable that it will change to non-caps, I don’t care that much. Sure, I was somewhat persistent, but it was all in good fun. I really don’t see why anyone else would care that much; it just doesn’t make sense to me how it could be important. But, it apparently is to some. So, if it matters that much to him, I can use this spelling. *shrug*

Odds and ends

  • It’s pretty amazing to watch Vincent work; he does so much. Recently, he’s been reviewing libwnck patches like mad. I was supposed to help with some of those, but never seemed to get around to it. It makes me feel much better that Vincent has taken care of it so that people have responses now. :)
  • I didn’t realize that when I had posted the last Metacity Goals that I had changed the build system such that my instructions for doing a minimal cvs testing environment of metacity wouldn’t work anymore. Ooops. Fixed by adding the note about install gnome-common in the HACKING file.
  • Made some progress on fixing DND bugs again. They’re in a kind-of-works state right now, but unfortunately I’m getting swamped again and haven’t had time to look at it for a few days… :(

Go fejj!

I’m a couple days late blogging about it, but no less excited. Jeff nuked the longstanding can’t-access-your-inbox bug in Evolution without the need for a kludgy workaround to be performed on your IMAP server. (In slightly more detail, the bug was that Evolution, when using IMAP, wouldn’t show the INBOX if you need to override the namespace for your mail folders.)