GNOME Internet Radio Locator vs. Apple Music

I have some good and bad news.

The bad news is that I got a MacBook Air computer that runs a non-free operating system called Mac OS X which I hoped to install a free operating system on, such as Debian GNU/Linux, and that I was unable to install it.  Update: Instructions for installing Ubuntu on MacBook Air

The good news is that I have GIRL 6.0.0, that is, the GNOME Internet Radio Locator, running as a X11 program on Mac OS X, to compete with a non-free streaming service on the Mac, namely Apple Music, launched by Apple today!

Independent, non-profit radio against music monopoly.  73 free, non-profit, mostly University sponsored radio stations, with a non-commercial profile unlike Apple Music.

A native Mac OS X installer for GIRL is made using the script create-dmg by Andrey Tarantsov:

With it’s 73 radio channels, I hope that GIRL is giving Apple Music some direct competition, since both programs run on Mac OS X.

While Apple Music costs $9.99/month, the GIRL program is free as in freedom and it runs on both GNU/Linux and Mac OS X with no effort. Update: You have to install Totem (also known as GNOME Videos) from in order to get audio on Mac OS X.

I recommend that you run it on a free operating system such as GNU/Linux and boycott Apple Music.

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