The <location> Tag

Last month I went to San Francisco and had the chance to meet with Manish Singh, the maintainer of GIMP for many years, and Peter Norvig, the author of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach and Director of Research at Google since 2001.

I presented my work on GNOME Internet Radio Locator, Location-aware Content Tag and Piperpal for Peter at the Google Visitor’s Center in Mountain View, California.

Peter Norvig at Googleplex

After the meeting with Google in California, I met with Håkon Wium Lie and Lars Erik Bolstad to discuss location-based tagging and my effort to standardize the <location> HTML tag in W3C.

Tagging using the <location> tag is used in the XML representation of stations (src/girl.xml) in GNOME Internet Radio Locator since 0.2.0.