GNOME Internet Radio Locator 1.0.0 for GNOME 3

GNOME Internet Radio Locator 1.0.0 for GNOME 3 is available with map marker popups for Internet radio stations in 76 cities and with text-based location search for 86 Internet Radio stations. The following 76 cities are supported in version 1.0.0:

Adelaide, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Austin, Texas
Ayr, Scotland
Bergen, Norway
Berkeley, California
Bern, Switzerland
Boston, Massachusetts
Bristol, United Kingdom
Brno, Czech Republic
Bronx, New York
Brooklyn, New York
Bruxelles, Belgium
Budapest, Hungary
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Calgary, Canada
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Cape Town, South Africa
Centralia, District of Columbia
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Cleveland, Ohio
Coimbra, Portugal
Copenhagen, Denmark
Cornwall, United Kingdom
Dublin, Ireland
Gent, Belgium
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Hammond, Louisiana
Honolulu, Hawaii
Houston, Texas
Kingston, Canada
Kristiansand, Norway
Leeds, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Long Island, New York
Los Angeles, California
Lund, Sweden
Manchester, United Kingdom
Memphis, Tennessee
Minneapolis, Minnesota
México City, México
Narvik, Norway
Nashville, Tennessee
New Orleans, Louisiana
New York City, New York
Newcastle, Australia
Nicosia, Cyprus
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Oslo, Norway
Oswego, New York
Ottawa, Canada
Oxford, United Kingdom
Palo Alto, California
Paris, France
Phoenix, Arizona
Pisa, Italy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Reykjavik, Iceland
Rochester, Michigan
Salford, United Kingdom
San Marcos, Texas
Santiago, Chile
Seattle, Washington
St. Pölten, Austria
Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney, Canada
São Paulo, Brazil
Toronto, Canada
Trondheim, Norway
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Washington, District of Columbia
Waterloo, Canada
York, United Kingdom
Zürich, Switzerland

If you locate one of these cities on the map and click on the map above the city, you should be able to create a map marker. If you click on the map marker, you will be able to listen to Internet radio from that city. If you click and create several city markers, you can switch between Internet radio stations from different locations on the map.

GNOME Internet Radio Locator 1.0.0 for GNOME 3

You can download the gnome-internet-radio-locator 1.0.0 development tree from


Debian GNU/Linux unstable i386

Fedora 26 x86_64

Ubuntu 17.04 amd64

This release is built on GTK+ 3.0, GNOME Maps, libchamplain and gstreamer (gst-player).

Enjoy Free Internet Radio.