Record Live Audio as Ogg Vorbis in GNOME Gingerblue 0.2.0

Today I released GNOME Gingerblue version 0.2.0 with the basic new features:

  • Record Live Vorbis Audio stream in <Name> - <Song> - <ISO 8601 timestamp>.ogg
  • Timestamp ISO 8601 Audio File in G_USER_DIRECTORY_MUSIC ($HOME/Music/)
  • Store ISO 8601 Timestamp Song Files in G_USER_DIRECTORY_MUSIC ($HOME/Music/)
  • Meta Info Setup Wizard
  • XML Parsing

I began work on GNOME Gingerblue on July 4th, 2018, two years ago and I am going to spend the next four years to complete it for GNOME 4.

GNOME Gingerblue will be a Free Software program for musicians who would compose, record and share original music to the Internet from the GNOME Desktop.

The project isn’t yet ready for distribution with GNOME 3 and the GUI and features such as meta tagging and Internet uploads must be implemented.

The GNOME release team complained at the early release cycle in July and call the project empty, but I estimate it will take at least 4 years to complete 4.0.0 in reasonable time for GNOME 4 to be released between 2020 and 2026.

The Internet community can’t have Free Music without Free Recording Software for GNOME, but GNOME 4 isn’t built in 1 day.

I am trying to get gtk_record_button_new() into GTK+ 4.0.

I hope to work more on the first major release of GNOME Gingerblue during Christmas 2020 and perhaps get meta tags working as a new feature in 1.0.0.

Meanwhile you can visit the GNOME Gingerblue project domain with the GNOME wiki page, test the initial GNOME Gingerblue 0.2.0 release that writes and records Song files from the microphone in $HOME/Music/ with Wizard GUI and XML parsing from August 2018, or spend money on physical goods such as the Norsk Kombucha GingerBlue soda or the Ngs Ginger Blue 15.6″ laptop bag.

GNOME Radio 3 Presentation at GUADEC 2020

GNOME Internet Radio Locator 3.0.1 (Washington)

GNOME Radio is the Public Network Radio Software for Accessing Free World Broadcasts on Internet running on GNOME.

When my FM radio stopped receiving FM broadcasts from Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) due to migration onto DAB in Oslo, Norway on September 19th, 2017, I could still listen to radio, thanks to gnome-internet-radio-locator that receive live and present radio from the Internet running on GNOME.

I spent 3 years before this event occured writing GNOME Internet Radio Locator for GNOME 2 between 2014-2017 and 3 more years, after Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) shut down its FM broadcasts, building GNOME 3 support for further international as well as Norwegian radio stations with help from the GStreamer and the GNOME community.

In 2018 I began writing my Bachelor of Science thesis in Electrical Engineering about GNOME Radio and GNOME Internet Radio Locator and on June 24, 2020 I published my Bachelor thesis on GNOME Radio; gnome-radio-0.4.0 and gnome-internet-radio-locator-12.0.5, at Oslo Metropolitan University and University of Oslo in Norway.

See my GUADEC 2020 talk on GNOME Radio 3 scheduled for the Newcomers Workshop GUADEC 2020 session July 27, 2020 between 15:00-17:00.

Visit and for full details on GNOME Radio.