GNOME Internet Radio Locator 5.0.0 with BBC (United Kingdom) on Fedora Core 34

GNOME Internet Radio Locator 5.0.0 with BBC (United Kingdom) features English and Asian language translation, a new, improved map marker palette with 188 other radio stations from around the world and live audio streaming from BBC implemented through GStreamer.

BBC – Radio 1
BBC – Radio 2
BBC – Radio 3
BBC – Radio 4
BBC – Radio 4 LW (UK only)
BBC – Radio 4 LW (non-UK)
BBC – Radio 5 live (UK only)
BBC – Radio 5 live (non-UK)
BBC – Radio 6 Music
BBC – Radio 1Xtra
BBC – Radio 4 Extra
BBC – Radio 5 Live sports extra (UK only)
BBC – Radio Asian Network
BBC – BBC Essex
BBC – BBC Hereford Worcester
BBC – Radio Berkshire
BBC – Radio Bristol
BBC – Radio Cambridge
BBC – Radio Cornwall
BBC – Radio Cumbria
BBC – Radio Cymru
BBC – Radio Cymru 2
BBC – Radio Derby
BBC – Radio Devon
BBC – Radio Foyle
BBC – Radio Gloucestershire
BBC – Radio Guernsey
BBC – Radio Humberside
BBC – Radio Jersey
BBC – Radio Kent
BBC – Radio Lancashire
BBC – Radio Leeds
BBC – Radio Leicester
BBC – Radio Lincolnshire
BBC – Radio London
BBC – Radio Manchester
BBC – Radio Merseyside
BBC – Radio nan Gaidheal
BBC – Radio Newcastle
BBC – Radio Norfolk
BBC – Radio Northampton
BBC – Radio Nottingham
BBC – Radio Orkney
BBC – Radio Oxford
BBC – Radio Scotland FM
BBC – Radio Scotland MW
BBC – Radio Sheffield
BBC – Radio Shropshire
BBC – Radio Solent
BBC – Radio Solent West Dorset
BBC – Radio Somerset Sound
BBC – Radio Stoke
BBC – Radio Suffolk
BBC – Radio Surrey
BBC – Radio Sussex
BBC – Radio Tees
BBC – Radio Ulster
BBC – Radio Wales
BBC – Radio Wiltshire
BBC – Radio WM
BBC – Radio York
BBC – Three Counties Radio
BBC – BBC World Service (London, United Kingdom)

The project lives on and the Fedora 34 RPM packages of  version 5.0.0 of GNOME Internet Radio Locator are now also available for free:




To install GNOME Internet Radio Locator 5.0.0 on Fedora Core 34 in GNOME Terminal, run the following installation command to resolve all dependencies:

sudo dnf install

To run GNOME Internet Radio Locator from GNOME Terminal, run the command


To inspect the source code and build the version 5.0.0 source tree, run

sudo dnf install gnome-common
sudo dnf install intltool libtool gtk-doc geoclue2-devel yelp-tools
sudo dnf install gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free-devel geocode-glib-devel
sudo dnf install libchamplain-devel libchamplain-gtk libchamplain
git clone
cd gnome-internet-radio-locator/
make install

One thought on “GNOME Internet Radio Locator 5.0.0 with BBC (United Kingdom) on Fedora Core 34”

  1. How do you add a new radio station? Added the data in the New dialog, but the station is still not there.

    Unfortunately, there’s a bug in the software due to phone interruption during development.

    New data is stored in $HOME/.gnome-internet-radio-locator/gnome-internet-radio-locator.xml
    from the New dialog and you could edit this file using editors such as gedit, emacs or vi.

    Map markers are not visible on after adding them in the New dialog, but in the text search.

    The XML field for stream is not correctly encoded, so for now, you have to manually edit the

    Make sure that you validate the XML for valid syntax with xmllint

    xmllint -loaddtd /usr/local/share/gnome-internet-radio-locator/gnome-internet-radio-locator-5.0.dtd $HOME/.gnome-internet-radio-locator/gnome-internet-radio-locator.xml

    before you save it and restarts the software application gnome-internet-radio-locator.

    Hope this helps!

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