GNOME Radio 12 Notes at GUADEC 2021

GUADEC 2021 took place July 21 – 25. This year’s conference was to be held online and last five days. The first two days of the conference, July 21 – 22, was dedicated to presentations. The 23 – 24 were Birds of a Feather sessions and workshops, and the last day will be for social activities.

The latest release of GNOME Internet Radio Locator 12.0.1 features 4 Free Radio Transmissions from San Francisco, California (SomaFM Groove Salad, SomaFM The Trip, SomaFM Dub Step Beyond, and SomaFM DEF CON).

See my GUADEC 2021 notes on GNOME Radio 12 building and installation on Fedora Core 34 from source and x86_64 architecture packages.

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