GNOME Radio 16 for GNOME 42

GNOME Radio 16 is the successor to GNOME Internet Radio Locator built for GNOME 42 with Cairo, Clutter, Champlain, Maps, GStreamer, and GTK+.

GNOME Radio 16 is the Public Network Radio Software for Accessing Free Audio Broadcasts from the Internet.

GNOME Radio 16 (San Francisco)

The latest GNOME Radio 16 release (Hawaii Public Radio) with National Public Radio (United States of America) is available from

More information about GNOME Radio 16 is available on and

Source RPM for Fedora Core 36 is available from

Binary RPM for Fedora Core 36 is available from

GNOME Radio 16.0.4 can be installed on Fedora Core 36 x86_64 from GNOME Terminal in GNOME 42:

sudo dnf install

GNOME Radio is in development in the GNOME Gitlab repository in GNOME Builder on GNOME 42.

git clone
cd gnome-radio/
sudo make install

You may follow the developments in the GNOME Radio project at and file bugs in the GNOME Gitlab Issue tracker at

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