GNOME Developer and User Conference 2022

The annual GNOME Developer and User Conference 2022 will be held in Mexico, where it was scheduled to take place last summer. Here are the first details to participate, as it starts July 20, 2022.

This year is special for the GNOME community in several ways.

On the one hand, GUADEC falls within the context of GNOME’s 25th anniversary. On the other, the 2022 conference marks
the return to personal events. Finally, it is the first GUADEC on the American continent.

What is GUADEC?

GUADEC is the largest conference in the GNOME community. It brings together hundreds of users, contributors, community members for a week of conferences and workshops.

When is GUADEC this year?

The GNOME Foundation has planned GUADEC 2022 this year for 20-25 July 2022.

Where will GUADEC take place in 2022?

The event takes place in Guadalajara, Mexico. However, the event will be hybrid and it is possible to participate externally.

The program

The program is not yet defined at the time of writing these lines.

How to register

You can already register for free online on the official website via

If the registration is free, it is possible to make a donation via the registration page.