Update DOAP description in GNOME Software for GNOME Radio 16.0.43

I have released GNOME Radio 16, new generation Radio app for GNOME 42.


However, there is no description of it in GNOME Software on Fedora Core 36.


GNOME Software needs to be updated to display information about GNOME Radio 16 for this to be implemented properly.


You can use Gingerblue 6.0.1 to record audio from GNOME Radio with a built-in laptop microphone, but it remains to be implement recording from GNOME Radio in lossless quality.

See http://planet.nuug.no/ and https://blogs.gnome.org/oleaamot/2022/05/28/gnome-radio/ for link to the RPMS for Fedora Core 36.

You’ll find the code in https://gitlab.gnome.org/ole/gnome-radio/

I urged a move of the code to https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-radio however it was voted down.

GNOME Radio 16.0.43 runs smoothly on Fedora Core 36 under GNOME 42.

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