Things I learned today

“I hope to see myself getting paid for doing KDE work in a few years, although I still have much to learn. […] I also see many companies porting applications to KDE, and I feel KDE will be better embedding in the desktop market. I will hopefully be using KDE on a PDA too.”

“Every user should have Konqueror”

— The Internet’s Jono Bacon, 2001


#1 Philip Withnall on 07.21.07 at 06:53

He has a great T-shirt. I want one!

#2 Landon on 07.21.07 at 15:44

cut your hair freak! U look like a trek geek

#3 Landon on 07.21.07 at 15:47

I wouldn’t blame any girl for not wanting 2 go out with u!!! Gross!!!!!!!!!!