more ftp goodness

So, after lots of hacking on the ftp backend, it should be stable now. I consider it stable enough to close the famous bug report at least.

So, what works? You shoud be able to upload files, download files, move stuff, create and delete files, the usual operations. You should also see proper icons and mime types for the files listed. And I even made it work with ip6.
What doesn’t work yet is proxies, which is gicmo‘s fault. Another thing that doesn’t yet work is interrupting/resuming downloads, when the server supports that. I also didn’t have a chance to test this on lots of wird FTP servers. All the ones I have access to are pretty sane vsftpds. And then there’s probably the plethora of little bugs left.

So this is a call to everybody that wants to use ftp in Gnome 2.22: If you know you have to access (or access to) a weird ftp server, please try the new gvfs with it. And if you find out it doesn’t work properly (or doesn’t work at all), either fix it yourself and file patches in bugzilla or get me access to that server so I can fix it myself. (An example for such a server would be Netware, which allow not-very-standard filenames starting with two slashes.) If noone files those bugs, I’ll spend the next few days finetuning interaction with vsftpd.

The easiest way to test GVfs is to use Nautilus from Ubuntu Hardy, because seb128 is busy uploading new gvfs packages all the time, so we get proper testing exposure. A big thank you for that!


#1 Alexander V. Butenko on 03.04.08 at 00:08

yesterday i upgrade my laptop to hardy especially to test new gvfs. first server i was trying to display was After it ask me for l/p it popup with an error: Error: Invalid reply. Please select another viewer and try again. show FreeBSD directory as a file instead of directory.
Hope it will be fixed.

#2 Alexander V. Butenko on 03.04.08 at 00:12

unfortunately same problem with today update.

#3 Alexander V. Butenko on 03.04.08 at 00:32

sorry, now behavoiur is different.
Now nautilus trying to connect to but after some time showing blank screen. is working good now.

#4 otte on 03.04.08 at 12:49

Those issues should be fixed in svn now. Dunno when the fixes will hit Hardy though.

#5 FACORAT Fabrice on 03.04.08 at 19:01

nautilus packages are updated also frequently on Mandriva Cooker by Frederic Crozat as Mandriva is going to use Gnome 2.22 on Mandriva 2008.1.