good job

I just upgraded my machines to Intrepid, so I could fix Totem’s slow startup speed. And it turns out stuff works better than before. Thank you everybody – in particular Kernel, X and Ubuntu people – for making stuff work so well.

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#1 Kristian Erik Hermansen on 10.25.08 at 20:31

Good stuff! I am als on on Intrepid beta! I have a question for you regarding swfdec-thumbnailer. How can I pass an option to the SWF input file? I am trying to emulate this EMBED tag from a website…



I have downloaded the XML file separately, but am wondering how to pass these as options. The link below is the presumable input XML file that SoomazineBrowser.swf needs to grab the right content and do it’s thing (can’t produce a thumbnail without the data!)

Your thoughts? This question does not appear in the FAQ :-(