a thank you

So, this post has bad news, good news and a thank you.
Bad news, if you’re maintaining an understaffed project of age that does a lot of drawing using GTK and you want your project to be GTK3 ready in time. Good news, if you’re mainting a properly staffed and reasonably new project that does a lot of drawing using GTK.

What’s this all about? The rendering cleanup work I did for GTK has landed, both in GTK3, where we removed a lot of API and in GTK2, where we deprecated all the functions you can do without. So if your application fails to compile with deprecation checks enabled, you know why. Javier has already created a GNOME Goal to track updating of modules to handle the deprecations.

But that’s not all! I’ve also outlined my ideas about making GTK3 drawing even more awesome and it seems people are very positive about the rough outline. So there are more changes to be expected, though these changes should be a lot smaller in scope for application developers than the cleanup that just landed.

And finally I’d like to thank all the application developers frantically hacking their apps to not use the deprecated APIs anymore. Even though it’s not really interesting work. When I started this I expected a lot more stop energy and unhappiness about my proposals and patches. Thanks for being as excited as I am.


#1 Ignacius on 08.12.10 at 10:42

Congrats!! I followed the mail thread on the mailing list, and I think you are doing a great job here!! Definitely, one of the best enchancements to gtk 3 as now most, if not all the legacy X based APIs should be gone

#2 NickG on 08.12.10 at 11:37

Is this all part of the Gnome conspiracy to move away from X to Wayland and roll out a full Gnome OS?

No? Ah well, it’s still awesome work. Thanks!

#3 ethana2 on 08.12.10 at 13:37

I’m so excited about combining the compositor and display server into a single process with wayland :D Every other time I go into #compiz and suggest something, they’re all “Xorg won’t let us..”

One of the reasons I try to stick to actual native ubuntu apps instead of just ‘things that happen to run on linux’, is so I can run X-less asap. The instant Epiphany picks up ToT and a JIT, I’m switching back.

You guys rock!

#4 ebassi on 08.19.10 at 13:55

@ethana2: the plan for a future X12 is *exactly* to make the display server also the compositor. essentially, X12 will look (and feel) a lot like Wayland.

#5 Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita on 09.02.10 at 23:09


A friend of mine tried using gnome on a high resolution tv he just bought. Altough mouse cursor and font size was easy to set up, icons and widgets were way too small to be usable.

Will this work finally bring resolution independence to gnome and solve this kind of problem?