Session Management Clients

Session Management Clients

Grepping across all the modules in the desktop suite can sometimes reveal interesting information. I have a few posts planned about various things I have found this way. This time I have taken a look at the use of session management clients. The two options currently available are GnomeClient (from libgnome) and EggSMClient (code copied into all the modules using it).


  • evolution
  • gnome-media
  • gnome-panel
  • gok
  • vino
  • yelp


  • brasero
  • epiphany
  • evince
  • file-roller
  • gedit
  • gnome-games
  • gnome-session
  • gnome-terminal
  • gnome-utils
  • nautilus
  • seahorse
  • totem

An effort was made to get EggSMClient into GTK but unfortunately it looks like it is stranded in Hopefully we will get at real solution in GTK but until then it seems like the majority is considering EggSMClient as the lesser evil.


I am currently finishing my masters thesis and I have had to cut back on my GNOME hacking because of this. My last exam is scheduled to be on the 19th June and after that I should have some more free time on my hands again. I have a lot of GNOMEy plans and I can’t wait to get the time to hack on them again. More on this when I actually have the time to do it. I will also spend a lot of this free time job hunting which I rather much look forward to. Job interviews are probably going to be nervewrecking but I am still also very excited about it.

Today it is one week ago that I went to Gelschenkirchen with some friends to see AC/DC at Veltins Arena. The concert was awesome and also incredibly loud. They still rock very much and I absolutely loved it. If you have the chance to see them on their tour I recommend going.