The II GUADEC-ES will take
place from May 19th to 21st, in A CoruÃ&plusmm;a, in the northwest of Spain. This is just
a week before the real GUADEC,
so anybody planning to do some travelling can have A CoruÃ&plusmm;a as one of the scales.


Unlucky weekend

I went last weekend to Formigal
for some ski action. We arrived on Saturday morning, to find the ski resort too crowded. We even
thought about not skiing at all and leaving it for the next day, but, fortunately, we decided to
try at least a little bit, since on Sunday, the resort was closed because of the wind, so
we couldn’t ski at all. We were going to come back home on Monday morning, but on Sunday evening
a big storm started, and on Monday, everything was under a huge layer of snow:

So, we did an inspection of the road before leaving, and after seeing many cars skating on
the ice and being left crossed in the road, we decided to not leave at all. So, we stayed
also Monday, trapped by the snow. Not that I don’t like to be trapped on a ski resort,
I wouldn’t mind being that way for a couple months, but of course, if I could ski, which
I couldn’t since the ski resort was again closed because of the wind. On Tuesday morning,
at last we could leave, to find out, listening to the local radio while leaving, that the
ski resort was being open as we were leaving :( Also, before getting home, I realized I had lost
my cell phone :(

But the worst thing was the death of Mini, one of my Mum’s cats, at her 18 years of age :(
Here she is (on the right), along with Lulú, who also died a month ago, although much younger. Rest in
peace both of you.



Just released libgda
and libgnomedb 1.3.0
, which includes, as main feature, the merge of libmergeant
code into libgnomedb, adding features like a data dictionary and
many widgets for easily modifying the data in the underlying databases.

Documentation of this new version is temporarily available here. Worth to check
is the widget
. Kudos to Vivien (the person who did the merge)!



Went yesterday to the cinema, to watch
Life is
a Miracle
, by Emir
, who is, as some people say, the best cinema director in
Europe and, maybe, in the world. Won’t comment on that, but indeed his films are
great. This one was 2 hours and 32 minutes long, and I didn’t really realize it
was that long, as good as it was. I really recommend it.