Just released libgda/libgnomedb 1.2.1, which contain many bugfixes, specially libgda, and
, which is the final version to go with GNOME 2.10 (released that early
because I’ll be out next week on holidays). If I’ve got enough time, I’ll also do a
1.3.1 development release for libgda/libgnomedb, those not only with bugfixes, but with
a lot of new features, specially libgnomedb!

Talking about databases, after seeing that some time ago I said I was going to work on
better database integration for GNOME (see
the roadmap), I asked
in the the
about what we could do. Some ideas have came up, being writing a
Beagle backend for
searching databases the best one so far, but I’d really like to hear more ideas, so,
if you’ve got something interesting to say, write GNOME-DB list with anything
you want to add.

Also, since people keep asking the same thing: yeah, GNOME-DB
doesn’t refresh from CVS due to some technical problems that will be solved
as soon as possible. We’ll keep you informed, thank you.