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I’ve now changed my blog from my home server to, where it should be much easier to update than my hand-made system (ie, editing RSS XML file by hand). So please, all planets that get my RSS feed, update to my new home.

Apart from my blog, I would like to move all the other stuff I have in my home page to a server, so that I can just avoid having to maintain any server (apart from my intranet file server, of course) at home. Important things to move are specially photos, screenshots and some documents, but all that seems to be not possible in Any suggestion on what to do? Maybe use my public_html directory in

libgda/libgnomedb 1.3.3

Yesterday I released libgda and libgnomedb 1.3.3, few days after 1.3.2 because of some building problems, introduced because I did the libgnomedb 1.3.2 tarball a few days after having done libgda 1.3.2, and there were changes in libgnomedb CVS that needed a newer libgda. This now should be fixed, so get it and enjoy it.

Here is a screenshot of the new database browser, which lets you easily browse your databases.



Just released
libgda/libgnomedb 1.3.2, another step forward in the route to 2.0. Now that all of
libmergeant has been integrated into libgnomedb, Vivien (the man doing all the
work) is now improving the API and adding lots of new features, like creation of
databases (something we have missed since the beginning) from the GUI, automatic forms
and an ever improving data dictionary.