Rupert frees .NET

I have been invited to do a presentation about Mono next week for the people from NavarraDOTnet (a group of developers of .NET in Navarra). I was asked for ideas for the poster for the conference, and I suggested using Rupert. They forwarded my comments, along with a description of what Mono is (a Free version of .NET), to some Art students with no knowledge about Mono, Linux, Free Software, etc, and just using this information, they did this:

A great job indeed!

Gimmie vs Big Board

Nothing really to add to the flames, so go elsewhere if you wanted some flaming, but all this Gimmie vs Big Board thing reminded me of some similar situations, like Xgl, gnome-session-manager, Ximian Desktop, etc, etc, where software done, let’s call it “in-house”, by companies upset lots of people.

Although, AFAIK, those companies (Novell, RedHat and any others involved in past situations like these one) have nothing to demonstrate about their support of free software (lots of good free software came from them, some developers from them are very well known community members, etc), there is clearly something wrong going on, if every time those “in-house” software projects are announced people from the GNOME community get upset. Maybe it is the companies, not really paying all the attention they should to the upstream projects, or maybe it is the community, which likes seeing conspirations everywhere?

Whatever the answer is, I think we have a problem (maybe not that big, but a problem after all), so we should be doing something about it. Maybe the new release team’s plans can help in some way, like having a central place not only for keeping track of GNOME’s official modules development, but about any new development going on in the GNOME constellation? Also, maybe suggesting the companies affiliated to the GNOME Foundation to get more involved with the GNOME project?