A Twisty Maze of Passageways…

…All Alike. So I’ve decided to assemble gnome-doc-utils to house some common
XSLT (like Yelp’s), some other documentation tools, and some magical m4 files
so we can all stop putting boilerplate .make files in our source trees. The
astute reader will notice a distinct problem here: I don’t have the slightest
clue what I’m doing. I’m now lost somewhere in the autoconf manual, which
has inter-node linking footers like this:

   [ < ][ > ] [ << ][ Up ][ >> ]

I’ll take ‘Less Than Less Than’ for 400, Alex. The node graph also appears
to be constructed using some sort of non-Boolean set theory. And to top it
all off, a pirate just stole my treasure. Sigh.

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