Ross Rules

Much thanks to Ross for sending
me two CDs from my wishlist.
CD the first was
All We Have Is Now by Anonymous.
(That’s the name of the band. The music wasn’t created by a collaborative
system of cowards using peer moderation.) It’s a solid album, and they’re
clearly talented musicians, but I just didn’t get into it as much as I’d
thought I would. But then, my tastes are always in flux. I very well might
return to this CD in two months and love it.

CD the second was Rise Above
by Boogiehawg. True to the description, this is a powerful Modern Funk album.
Their Funk is vaguely like Dag, but with a powerful, jazzy horn section (as
Funk was meant to be played). Occasionally Urban, occasionally Latin, and
occasionally Jazzy, this is one of the finer Funk albums on my shelf.