SVN Woes

Kristian writes about the lack of annotate in our installation of viewcvs for SVN. I complained about this the other day on IRC, along with another thing that’s been annoying me. Compare the following:

Looking at the SVN page, you can’t tell me which version of yelp-db-pager.c was included in Yelp 2.15.1. But with CVS, you can see that it’s revision 1.61. (Yeah, it’s hidden inside a drop-down box, which is mildly annoying, but the information is there.)

SVN, of course, doesn’t actually have tags, which I consider to be a design flaw. That’s the sort of implementation-centric design that we usually eschew in Gnome. But we have to work with what we have.

I’ve just filed bug #405436 in the hopes that somebody will be ambitious enough to make tags and branch points visible. From my understanding, there’s no way to get that information directly from SVN, so we’d need a server-side process that collects and stores that information, and then viewcvs could just read from a database.

Somebody please be my hero.

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