Two Mice Are Better Than One

In an attempt to mitigate the RSI in my right wrist, I’m teaching myself to mouse left-handed. It’s going reasonably well, but I’m still faster and more accurate with my right hand. I’d really like the option of using a right-handed mouse when I’m doing something very important, such as playing a game of Mines.

Of course, I can easily attach two USB mice to my computer, and they both work. The problem is that the mouse preferences apply to all mice. I need a way to set mouse properties per-mouse. (Incidentally, I’ve wanted this feature before to set the sensitivity differently for my laptop’s touchpad from an external mouse.)

I’ll buy a beer for the first person with a solution. I’ll buy two beers for the first person to say “Hey, this should just be easy” and change the mouse preferences capplet to make the solution all clicky-clicky.

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