Pulse shows Christian‘s mad Terminal hacking spree quite nicely.

Dancing in Brazil


Silke and I will be visiting Rio de Janeiro on our honeymoon in late July and early August.  I know there’s quite a few Brazilians who read this, and I’m hoping somebody has suggestions for dance lessons while we’re there.  What we’d like is a quick crash course in an authentic Brazilian dance (i.e. not Samba as it’s danced in ballrooms in the US).  A little Wikipedia browsing has turned up Samba, Maxixe, Lambada, and Forró as possibilities.

We’d like to set up something like a two hour private lesson with a dance instructor in Rio some evening.  We’re not expecting to become experts.  We just want to get some exposure to dancing that we can’t get back home.  It’s critical that the instructor speaks English, because we’ll never make it through on my few words of Portugese.

If anybody has any suggestions, please leave a comment.

Ice Cream


Ice cream is nice and all.  But it just can’t beat frozen custard, especially frozen custard made fresh by your local neighborhood custard stand.