Evolution 2.12 released

I released Evolution 2.12 with GNOME 2.20. This is my first release as the maintainer for Evolution. Some interesting things we did for Evolution 2.12 follows

Spam Improvements

  • New bogofilter spam plugin
  • Spam plugins (bogofilter/spamassasin) can now learn ham
  • Spams don’t initiate new mail notifications
  • and…

Junk options

UI Improvements

  • Basic contact merging support.
  • Improved search support for Calendar and Tasks
    • New advanced search and better quick search options
  • Better printing support for mailer
  • Magic space bar support – Read all the unread mails in all folders with just space bar key
  • Message selection improvements
  • More options for offline support
  • New –disable-preview command line option to avoid repeated crash on last selected email
  • Option for Outlook style signature on top – more details here
  • Option for Outlook style reply header
  • Spinner in the status bar
  • Support for multimedia keys
  • Support for showing contact photos in preview pane
  • Thread sorting based on the date of the latest message

Performance Improvements

  • Addressbook improvements from DBus port branch
  • EContact/VCard folding optimizations
  • Huge Exchange folder loading optimizations

New Plugins

  • Bogofilter spam plugin
  • Attachment reminder plugin

Attachment reminder

  • Mail notification plugin

Mail notification

  • TNEF attachment plugins (Experimental)
  • Revamped backup/restore plugin


Lots of Exchange/GroupWise performance/stability fixes went in 2.12 release. We had a special focus on stability in 2.12 cycle and Evolution has nearly 100 crashers fixed and in total 450 bugs were fixed during the 2.12 cycle. Now we are preparing a planning page for the next cycle here. Feel free to add your thoughts to the planning page.

Thanks a lot for the contributors and we are looking forward for the next release.