Calendars for netbooks!!

Over the last weekend, I was bored and previous friday I had a talk my with nice mentor Michael on calendars for the netbooks. All that triggered me to spend some time during the weekend on this new stuff.  Basically I just hacked Evolution, to make it possible to write an external calendar application to fit well into a netbook space. Then I wrote some code to reuse that library and create this. Some screenshots below.

It has a very minimal UI. I have a working *lite*  calendar editor for creating/viewing meetings. I haven’t posted the code publicly yet. I would do that in the next week or so, once I get this to a better shape. Currently I can view, create meetings etc,  work/week/month/day views. Support for evo’s plugins/exchange calendars needs to be fixed.  The design approach is same as Anjal. Break Evolution’s calendar to reusable libraries. Don’t depend on any obsolete stuffs. No bonobo etc etc. Im planning to spend a night some time to commit of the patches that Evo needs before it is branched for 3.0. As of now, this is just 2500 lines of code. The UI is very new, and  It might change, once UI guys do a review. But the idea would remain the same.

This gets you Evolution’s calendar (CalDAV/Google, Exchange, Exchange MAPI(2007), webcal, etc etc) support,  very much usable on a netbook. Defaulted to a size 750×500, it can fit well to any good netbook available today. I’m hoping to spend good time on this, very soon, to make it in production quality to the  netbooks segment.

Oh, btw, I haven’t named it yet. Suggestions ? ;-)