guadec and other stuff..

It’s been forever since I last wrote. Missed a whole month. May 11, was my birthday and I basically spent it walking around downtime Portland with a camera in hand. Picked up two CDs and pretty much spent half my day relaxing.

Been working on and off on my sprinkler system which seems never to be complete since I keep getting distracted by other things. Planning seems to be the biggest problem and the fact that my yard has a lot of roots that I have to plan around.

It’s great to see everyone so charged up after GUADEC! I haven’t heard all the talks but they all seemed really cool and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to go. Since I have to attend a wedding in August I wasn’t able to take the time off to go. Hope everyone is all motivated. 🙂

I haven’t been able to weigh in on the next gen VCS discussion, but I’m planning on writing an article on it. My focus is really about the social aspects of the change rather than technical merits. Especially how it relates to what discussions that have been going on at GUADEC. Some people want to start with subversion and then perhaps move to another one. Waste of time, you spend a lot of time setting up subversion only to throw it away in 6 months plus the work to convert things over? Not worth it and if I was the sysadmin I would not be happy.

Love the new planet stuff. Steve Gerrity’s work kicks ass. I hear he’s working on Which seriously needs work. If we want to look good we need to make our site be useful. But I’m repeating the obvious.

Put out some new pictures of spring that I took back in April. 🙂
look here

Thats it for now…