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Align parameters of a C function declaration, with lineup-parameters

Renaming a GObject class can involve a lot of manual work. Once the type is renamed, the parameters of the function declarations are no longer aligned. In the following example, GtkSourceSearch has been renamed as GtkSourceSearchContext: guint _gtk_source_search_replace_all (GtkSourceSearchContext *search, … Continue reading

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Search and replace in gedit and GtkSourceView

My GSoC on GtkSourceView/gedit/… is coming along nicely. Here is a screenshot of the new search in gedit: The visible new thing is the “298 of 703” in the search entry, that shows the position of the current search match, … Continue reading

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Developing graphical IDEs the UNIX way

Programming on a UNIX environment generally involves the use of command line tools: vim/emacs, git, grep, sed, screen/tmux, and so on. What is really nice about these tools is that they do only one thing, but do it well. Now, … Continue reading

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